The Savvy Session

S2 Ep14 - Embracing Midlife with Confidence: Navigating through Perimenopause with Kathy Batista

August 25, 2023 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 2 Episode 14
The Savvy Session
S2 Ep14 - Embracing Midlife with Confidence: Navigating through Perimenopause with Kathy Batista
Show Notes

Perimenopause is a key transition phase for women, often affecting their health and wellbeing in ways most people are unaware of.  If you're in your midlife, you might have questions about perimenopause, its indications, and how it might influence your daily life.  Well, you're in the right place!

Join us as we have a thoughtful & inspiring conversation with Kathy Batista, founder of Kathy Batista Coaching, to shed light on the little-discussed world of perimenopause and its diverse symptoms.

Kathy discusses how midlife is a transformative phase for women, a time when we have the opportunity to reflect, evaluate our priorities, and discover new passions.  Kathy shares her advise on maintaining mood and mindset during this stage of life, while discussing the importance of preparing for midlife early on.

Don't miss this empowering episode designed specifically for women navigating midlife!

Key takeaways on Perimenopause:

  • Perimenopause can last anywhere from 1 to 15 years.
  • Perimenopause usually starts in your 40s, even 30s for some.
  • Perimenopause is the long, winding journey leading up to menopause.
  • Menopause is not the second half of your life, but rather one single day!

Kathy also offers a three-pillar quiz to help individuals assess their mood, mindfulness, and mindset.  This strategy has been a game changer for many women, especially in mid-life!

The 3-pillars of success are: Mood, Mindfulness & Mindset.

To learn more & take the quiz:

Kathy Batista is the go-to coach for midlife women. She believes midlife isn’t just based on age – it’s a phase of life and can be your best one yet!  By tapping into your values and strengths, you can take aligned action to create purpose and joy, leading to that, often missing, sense of fulfillment.  Now is your time!

Having navigated midlife changes and shifts, Kathy offers guidance and compassion to women asking themselves, “Is this it?” or “What’s next?”.  She enjoys sharing the tools of her growth with her clients and peers.

With certifications in Life Designer Coaching, Thought Coaching, Quantum Time Technique, and Mindfulness Facilitation, Kathy coaches women to discover their midlife magic through conscious healing and self-discovery.

You can connect with Kathy here: