The Savvy Session

S2 Ep13 - Understanding the Power of Financial Planning with Lisa Crosta

August 11, 2023 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 2 Episode 13
The Savvy Session
S2 Ep13 - Understanding the Power of Financial Planning with Lisa Crosta
Show Notes

Join us for this insightful conversation with Lisa Crosta, the Director of Wealth Management at BPP Wealth Solutions, to discuss the importance of financial planning to achieve long-term financial goals.  Lisa explains how a comprehensive financial plan can provide a roadmap for your future success.  This plan can help prioritize and create strategies for multiple goals, such as buying a home, funding your children's education, or retiring comfortably.

One of the cornerstones of Lisa's approach is optionality.  She advocates for creating multiple choices and pathways to achieve your financial goals. This allows for flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and goals.

Sometimes, navigating the world of personal finance can be overwhelming and confusing.  That's where Lisa comes in.  With her expertise in financial planning and her passion for helping individuals align their financial plans with their dreams, Lisa is a trusted ally for women seeking to secure their financial future.

Key insights from our conversation:

1️⃣ ALIGNED GOALS: Start by identifying your financial goals and ensure they align with your personal values.  You may want to retire, start a new venture, or change your career path. Your financial plan should support your choices.

2️⃣ UNDERSTANDING EXPENDITURE: Everybody’s financial situation and lifestyle choices are unique.  It's essential to comprehend that there's no 'normal' in personal finances.  Acknowledge and respect your spending habits and work out a financial strategy that addresses them.

3️⃣ HARMONY BETWEEN LIFE & FINANCES: Your happiness in your work-life matters.  Always consider if a higher salary is worth the stress and unhappiness, or if you'd be happier with a pay cut in a job you love.  Your financial plan should allow for this flexibility.

4️⃣ EMOTIONAL MONEY: Finances are closely tied to emotions.  Recognize the role your emotions play in spending, saving, and investment decisions.  Make it your strength, not your pitfall.

5️⃣ HARNESS YOUR POWER: Understanding the specifics of your financial needs can empower you to negotiate better salaries or make necessary lifestyle changes.

A Certified Financial Planner Professional (CFP®) as well as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Lisa Crosta is the  Director of Wealth Management of BPP Wealth Solutions,  where she helps her clients better understand their financial picture so they can achieve their dreams. 

Having gone through divorce and raising three kids on  her own, Lisa aims to help other women who find  themselves in tough situations. Lisa’s energy, unbridled determination & communication gives her clients the  confidence they need to succeed, and empowers them  to make great financial decisions. She enjoys guiding her  clients through the confusion of complex financial jargon,  bringing clarity to the financial realm of her clients’ lives.

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