The Savvy Session

S2 Ep10 - The Art of Being. Discovering the Power Within You with Tara McCallam

June 19, 2023 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 2 Episode 10
The Savvy Session
S2 Ep10 - The Art of Being. Discovering the Power Within You with Tara McCallam
Show Notes

Are you ready to tap into your inner strength and unleash your full potential? 

Join us for a thoughtful conversation with Tara McCallam, an Art of Being facilitator, as she talks about the importance of self-awareness, effective communication, and building stronger relationships in achieving personal growth. 

Tara shares her unique perspective on personal growth & development by focusing on embracing one's past experiences and individuality. 

Key takeaways from our discussion:

  • Prioritize time for yourself:  Be mindful of spending too much time pleasing others and not connecting with yourself.  This can lead to burnout.
  • The power within:  Access the wisdom that lies within you by connecting with yourself to unlock new possibilities and opportunities in your personal and professional life.
  • Boost your energy and vitality:  By taking up more space in your life and being true to yourself, you'll experience increased energy and enthusiasm.
  • Don't be afraid to face your fears:   Hold space for yourself and be prepared to confront your past, desires, and fears. This will open you up to greater self-awareness and growth.

By prioritizing our well-being and practicing self-care regularly, we not only become better professionals but also better friends, parents, and partners.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about navigating life and relationships, and fostering deep connections with yourself and others.

Tara McCallam is a passionate mom of two teenage boys, dog lover, and dedicated partner.  Through her private virtual sessions, Tara specializing in empowering teens, young adults, and parents to bridge the gap between therapy and coaching.  Her mission is to help clients honor their past, harness its power, and create a future that truly reflects their authentic selves.  As of January 2023, Tara's impact extends beyond her own practice as she certifies facilitators, to take these tools to as many people as possible.

Done are the days of being fixed, you are not a problem, you are to be awed in The Art of Your Being.  Real results come from knowing how to function from the space of you and truly connect to who you are here to be!  Let's make the difference that is needed in this world.  Together we are the radical, radiant, very real change.

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