The Savvy Session

S2 Episode 1 - Achieving Your Business & Personal Goals in the New Year

January 16, 2023 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 2 Episode 1
The Savvy Session
S2 Episode 1 - Achieving Your Business & Personal Goals in the New Year
Show Notes

Are you ready to set yourself up for success in the new year?  Join us as on our latest episode as we discuss the strategies for setting & achieving your business goals in the new year.  Discover the power of creating a plan of action that will help you achieve real, lasting success in the coming year.

Reintroducing Ourselves
Meet Paula, who specializes in project management & cybersecurity solutions for small businesses at Revolu IT Services.  And Kirsten, the founder of Elevate Performance Solutions, who specializes in creating and delivering customized training programs for organizations and coaching individuals on leadership, management and presentation skills.

Collaboration Together
Get ready for an exciting announcement!  Kirsten and Paula are happy to announce that they will be collaborating on a new, cutting-edge training course. They will be launching a live, interactive Security Awareness Training program for your employees that will empower them with the knowledge to protect themselves and your business. During this episode, learn more about the course and why they decided to collaborate together.

If you are interested in learning more about this training program, please send Kirsten or Paula a note.

New Year Resolution or Goal Setting
Don't miss out on this episode as Paula and Kirsten discuss their personal preferences on new year resolutions versus goal setting. They will also share their insights on setting SMART goals and how to keep accountable to achieving them throughout the year.

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