The Savvy Session

S1 Episode 15 - How to Break Through to a Leadership Role with Katy McFee

November 07, 2022 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 1 Episode 15
The Savvy Session
S1 Episode 15 - How to Break Through to a Leadership Role with Katy McFee
Show Notes

Are you struggling to break through to an executive leadership role, and feel like you have hit a plateau at the manager or director level?

Join us on our latest podcast as we talk with Katy McFee, a leading coach & consultant who helps women break through to leadership roles and create the career and life they want.

Katy McFee is the Founder & Principal of Insights to Action.

The Insights to Action community is for:

●      Females who are looking to move up to an executive leadership role.
●      Those who want to become a strategic leader within your career.
●      Those who are looking to become successful & impactful executives.
●      Females looking for a supportive space to uplift each other & help achieve their goals.

Katy is passionate about empowering women and helping to close the gender gap in senior leadership. She’s the Founder and Principal at Insights to Action Coaching and Consulting, where she works with women to break through to executive leadership and become the successful and impactful executives they want to be.

Katy spent 18 years working in tech/biotech sales and leadership, where she’s done everything from building a commercial organization from scratch to scaling a hyper-growth sales org to achieve 9-digit revenue growth in 2 years.

Despite this success, she struggled for years to transition from Manager to Director to VP, and even considered quitting. After finally figuring out what it took to break through to the exec level, she went on to become a successful VP and EVP.

Seeing so many other women struggle with this transition, she launched Insights to Action, with the mission to help others make the successful transition into senior leadership and show up as the leaders they want to be, all without burning out.

You can connect with Katy here: