The Savvy Session

S1 Episode 8 - From Politics To Pastry - With Special Guest - Amy DuVall

July 25, 2022 Paula Kircher & Kirsten Ramos Season 1 Episode 8
The Savvy Session
S1 Episode 8 - From Politics To Pastry - With Special Guest - Amy DuVall
Show Notes

Join us on our latest podcast to learn about Amy’s journey from Politics to Pastry.

I have been so fortunate to know Amy since high school, and have watched her professional journey as a successful environmental lawyer & lobbyist.

When she made the exciting announcement on Facebook, that she was leaving her political career and starting her own business, I have been curious how & why she made the leap from politics to pastry.

Listen to our latest episode to see who & what inspired Amy to leave her political career.  

It is a story & journey you don’t want to miss!

from politics to pastry was created by Amy DuVall, an environmental lawyer & lobbyist.  Amy had a dream of helping to enact major federal environmental legislation and was lucky enough to be given that chance.  When the Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act passed in June 2016, she found herself in an unexpected place—immensely happy and proud but professionally lost and ready for the next chapter.  After more than a year of soul-searching, Amy decided to focus on her creative side and try to turn her hobby of cooking and baking into her profession.  In February 2018, she announced her departure from the lobbying world, and in March 2018 she began her journey to bake more.  She didn't have an ultimate destination in mind except to put smiles on people's faces one cookie, one scone, one treat at a time.

You can connect with Amy here:

Amy: LinkedIn
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